Top 5 Rising Trends of Web Development in 2021

Developing a website is a process that demands constant evolution and that is the reason it requires following the latest trends. This is important because it plays a major role in the growth of any organization as it is one of the elements that can help your business to reach heights globally. Hence, recent trends/changes should be followed in order to keep your website updated and relevant in the market. However, most businesses prefer to invest in professional web design and development services to ensure the best results.

Therefore, it is important that you consider the prevailing trends and keep your website in check and updated according to them. This is because these trends not only help you have an optimized web and mobile browsing experience but also help you improve the engagement on your website. Along with that, it also contributes to making your website well-functioning by improving the loading time and by quick-response assistance and interactive web design. So, before going ahead, let us discuss some of the top 5 rising trends of web development in 2021 to help you keep your website updated.


Web Development Trends in 2021

1. Single Page Applications

Let us start off with one of the most useful trends that have been prevailing in 2021. A single page application as it provides one place without having to switch and wait. Whereas it gets way too complicated and irritating when a single click leads to more web pages downloaded from a server which takes way longer than usual and leaves a bad impression on users. To help sort out this error, a single page application has been introduced. It is one of the trends that facilitate avoiding lengthy communication with the server. As a result, it offers better page performance and provides advanced level data protection. This is because it is an application that works inside a browser which does not require reloading the page while using it. Some of the types of single-page applications are Google, Google Maps, and Facebook.

2. Progressive Web Applications

Now comes the turn of progressive web applications. Well, this allows you to improve the speed of the availability of offline access to mobile applications. Well, there are numerous other features that users can avail of by using mobile apps over websites. Moreover, it is considered as a good change as most of the users these days browse from their mobile devices. Speaking of PWA design, you should know that it not only improves the browsing experience through native-like experience on all devices with PWA opening web pages but also helps you contact any comprehensive provider of web application development services to implement it on the website. Some of the examples of PWA apps are Alibaba, Twitter, and Forbes.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages 

Accelerated mobile pages abbreviated as AMP is one of the impact web development trends in the market. This is because it not only speeds up the page performance but also decreases the risk of leaving it by a visitor. It is considered as a bit similar to the progressive web application. But there is a slight difference that pages become accelerated because of open-source plugin recently developed by Twitter and Google. Speaking of AMPs separately, these are optimized pages that help in operating faster. A simplified and convenient design with basic features compared to full-scope web products. These pages are mobile-friendly with much better readability of the content. This justifies that nowadays the internet has become more user-orientated. This is the reason why most brands prefer to build native apps to enhance user experience. The AMP plugin gives companies to save costs on UX and to reach users with any net speed.

4. Artificial Intelligence and Bots

Now comes one of the most prevailing and useful trends in web development. Artificial intelligence and bots help in instant client support. This has become the priority for global-scale businesses that have to serve their users round the clock. This is because chatbots are highly cost-effective and uncomplicated to be used. Whereas if you rely on the customer services team, you will have to invest a great cost and it will also take relatively more effort. On the other hand, AI and Bots are well capable of providing quick responses and also performing cognitive functions by analyzing data, learning, understanding, solving mathematical problems, and also understanding emotions. Major service providers like Amazon, Microsoft, and others have also taken the help of chatbots and AI interface to optimize user engagement.

5. Voice Search 

Lastly, let us talk about voice search as one of the latest web development trends in 2021. However, this technology has prevailed in the market for a few years from now. It is considered very impactful as it enhances organic search. This feature has been so relevant and useful in the past that it has been predicted that it may surpass typed-in searches to a great extent in the near future. This has been possible by smart speakers that are enabled with advanced voice recognition. So, because voice search provides better reach, more and more businesses are relying on it.

So, these are some of the top 5 rising trends that can help you in the web development process. But by incorporating these with the help of professionals, you will make the process a lot easier. Well, Auxesis Infotech is here to help you achieve the best out of your development process. Along with that, it has been providing the best results to its clients over the past successful years.

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