HP Printer is Offline | How to Get Printer Back Online?

HP printers are famous for its high-end quality features. But sometimes user face HP printer is offline when the document is clearly on and ready to print. Such a hurdle can be caused due to communication error between your PC and printer. However a printer appearing an issue as “Offline” can be down to problems with your printers’ driver or software which is a little more difficult to eradicate.


How to set HP printer online?

In order to make a printer online from offline, it is needed to have a network connection. In some cases, there is a hard line Ethernet connection to the internet which can be used but many printers also offer WI-FI as a network connection option. Setting up the HP printer is however simple for a single computer, but an encrypted and secure network requires more effort to make printer online.

Remedy to Fix HP Printer is offline issue

Keep your eyes feast on the below points where you will get the solutions when HP printer says offline while printing.

Check your Printer Device Physically When HP Printer says offline

  1. Make sure the both ends of USB cable are firmly inserted
  2. Try the end of the cable in different ports
  3. If you have another USB cable, then insert this in between your printer and computer

HP Printer keeps going offline, Set it to Online Manually

  1. Click on the “Start” icon
  2. Click on “Control Panel”
  3. Select “Devices and Printers”
  4. Right click in the question part and then select “See what’s printing”
  5. Choose “Printer” from the top of the page
  6. Click “Use Printer Online” button from the drop down menu

Apply Given Steps to Fix HP Printer is offline error

  1. Switch off your printer, wait for few minutes and reboot it.
  2. Ensure that your device is properly connected with your printer.
  3. The back light of printers should be green that shows your printer is properly connected to your device.
  4. Login with an account, which have the access to printer. So that, you can easily manage printer’s settings.
  5. You need to keep your printer’s drivers up-to-date by downloading them from the official website.

Aside from the above-stated procedures, one can use troubleshooting methods to eliminate the issues which are avoiding your printer to make connection with your device.

  1. Make use of the in-built troubleshooter available in your computing device. Simply look for troubleshooter in the search box and then click on it to start the troubleshooting process.
  2. Now, you need to select “use a printer” from the hardware and sound option.
  3. After that, go after the prompts and allow it to fix the issues that are causing any error. Moreover, troubleshooting also guide you to fix other related errors within your printer too.

If you try to make your offline printer to online when hp printer keeps going offline then above steps really helps you. But unfortunately such an effective solution is not beneficial for you then get a reliable assistance from experts.

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