Common Outlook Problems with their Best Solution

Microsoft Outlook is undoubtedly the world’s widely used email service in corporate circles. There are reasons for liking Outlook among the users: it has ability to flawlessly assimilate across emails, contacts and calendars, allowing users to offline access the emails, sharing the calendars and much more interesting features. However, a time also comes-up when some of you may have slightly experienced Common Outlook Problems in every now and then. Outlook freezing or getting stuck at a processing screen, Outlook not opening, Outlook working sluggishly, having problems with profile handling and etc. are some of the most common problems users generally been encountered during accessing their Outlook account.


To get overcome with such problematic situations and experience a better functioning Outlook, we’ve collected basic information gonna be helpful for you. By walking through the post, you will learn the effectual answer of your Microsoft Outlook related problems. So, without wasting your precious time, give a look.

Various Common Outlook Problems with Best Solution

Here we describe the simple DIY solutions to annihilate the most Common Outlook Problems. So, let’s glimpse of the provided instructions:

Problem 1: Outlook is not Opening Error

Outlook sometimes won’t open due to several reasons. The possible causes are:

  1. The version of Outlook may get outdated
  2. Navigation Pane error hindering Outlook from opening
  3. Faulty add-ins in your Outlook
  4. Inappropriate Outlook profile settings
  5. Corrupt Outlook data file

Any of these reasons could cause ‘Outlook Not Opening’ error.

Solution When Outlook not Opening:

The guidelines to fix such an error are listed underneath:

  1. Reset the Navigation Pane Settings
  2. Run Outlook in Safe Mode And check for the faulty add-ins
  3. Create a new Outlook profile
  4. Use ScanPST.exe to repair Outlook data file

Problem 2: Outlook Sending/Receiving Error

There are couples of times when you can’t send/receive any mails or messages from your Outlook account. This could generally happen due to the following reasons:

  1. Antivirus Software or Windows Firewall may block Outlook from sending email
  2. Suspicious emails in mailbox
  3. Outlook email account settings are not configured correctly
  4. Damaged or corrupt Outlook data file

While sending the emails, you may receive Microsoft Outlook error messages or some unknown error codes such as: 0x800ccc0e, 0x80040610, 0x8004010f, 0x8004060c, 0x80040600, 0x800ccc1a, 0x800ccc92, 0x8004210a.

Whatever the factors for Outlook sending/receiving error, would be exterminated in a pinch.

Solution to Fix Outlook Sending/Receiving Error:

Try out the following guided instructions to fix send or receive error:

  1. Disable Antivirus Software and Windows Firewall
  2. Check and delete the suspicious mails from Outlook inbox
  3. Correct the Outlook account settings(Outgoing SMTP)
  4. Clear Outbox and change Server timeout
  5. Repair PST file using inbox repair tool

Problem 3: Outlook Data File Access Denied Error

The Outlook Data File Access Denied Error happens commonly. This usually occurs when you try to open the Outlook data file on a new PC while importing or opening the old outlook data file.

The actual reason behind this Outlook error is you are trying to open the Outlook data file with a local account.

Solution to Fix Outlook Data File Access Denied Error

Undergo the given steps to sort out such problem in no time:

  1. Change Outlook PST file properties
  2. Open Outlook with administrative privileges
  3. Change the location of the Outlook data file
  4. Scan and repair Outlook data file

Problem 4: Outlook Attachments Aren’t Open Error

The file attachments you received from the recipients may not open sometimes. The possible causes for the appearance of this error are:

  1. Unrecognized file formats
  2. Doubtful file attachments
  3. Compressed files
  4. Corrupted files
  5. Defective Outlook add-ins
  6. Corrupt Outlook data file
  7. Large file attachments

Solution to Fix Outlook Attachments aren’t Open Error

Follow the beneath instructed lines in order to eradicate this Outlook file not attachment error:

  1. Check for defective add-ins
  2. Disable firewall and antivirus
  3. Check for suspicious emails and attachments
  4. Repair Outlook data file with ScanPST.exe
  5. Reduce Outlook data file size

Problem 5: Outlook Keeps Asking For Password Error

Outlook Keeps Asking for Password every time when sending emails. This problem normally arises only when your profile is not up-to-date with a password. With upgraded password, you won’t face such issue again.

Solution to Fix Outlook Keeps Asking For Password Error

In order to solve this Common Outlook Problems, you are required to bring your profile up-to-date. Here is how to do the same:

  1. Open Outlook first on your Windows
  2. Then, click on “File” tab and select “Info” option
  3. After that, select Account Settings > Account Settings
  4. Tap on the “Email” option and select the email account in question
  5. Then, click “Change” button
  6. In Login Information, enter your password correctly into the required field and then click the check-box to the option “Remember Password”
  7. Finally, save the changes and close Outlook window

After performing these steps, you won’t be asked for the password again at the time of sending your emails. Hence, your problem has solved!

Problem 6: CRC Error in Outlook

CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) error in Outlook is one of the most Common Outlook Problems faced by the user. The error doesn’t point out the problem with your Outlook application rather it sheds light on error in the location of hard disk where your PST file is located. However you can’t eliminate the chances of your PST file from being damaged.

Solution to Fix CRC Error in Outlook

Steps to fix CRC Error in Outlook are listed underneath:

  1. Run chkdsk on your hard disk
  2. Run ScanPST.exe

These two steps should possibly annihilate the CRC Outlook error and also repair your PST file if it is having any corruption.

Problem 7: MAPI Error in Outlook

MAPI Error blocks your Outlook account in a way to send or receive any mails. MAPI known as Messaging Application Programming Interface is fully responsible for sending and receiving mails through Outlook. Hence it acts as a bond between your computer and mail server.

Solution to Fix MAPI Error in Outlook

The main reason behind this error is, damaged or corrupted mapi.dll file. The solution to fix this Common Outlook Problems related to msmapi.dll file is given below:

  1. Check the computers connection with the server
  2. Rename the old mapi.dll file and run the mapi.exe
  3. Run the fixmapi.exe file in order to resolve any error related to mapi.dll error
  4. Repair Outlook data file with inbox repair tool


We hope that if you face any one of the above problem with Outlook then you can easily fix the problem by the given solution. For new updates and features regarding Outlook subscribe our news feeds.

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