Top 10 Features of OgyMogy to make Parents and Employer sits Hardcore Fan

There are several spy applications and software for monitoring the kids and employees, respectively. Among these, OgyMogy is best because of its easy installation process, discrete features and user-friendly platform. Today, we will discuss the top 5 features that make OgyMogy as the best spy app for parents and employers.


For Parents

1. Screen Recording

OgyMogy provides the feature of screen recording that screenshots the devices of kids every few seconds and then sends a short video of them to the parents. It captures all the activities of kids so that parents can monitor their use of computers without making them known. The screen recording feature also collects data like accounts passwords, browsing history and searches etc.

2. Browsing History

Parents are most curious about the online activities of kids as they don’t want them to see the malicious websites etc. To check the searches and browsing history of kids, parents can now install OgyMogy. With the feature of remote access, it provides a detailed list of the browsing history of kids with all the information regarding their searches, online accounts, seen visual content etc.

3. Calls History

You are worried about contacts of your kids as to whom they are texting and calling? Well, OgyMogy provides this impressive feature too where it gives a list of calls and texts. The plan tells all about the call history with the collection of texts forwarded between kids and their friends.


Kids use the internet for browsing their assignments as well as other things like games and cartoons. To see what they searched for and to see the bookmarked websites, parents can now use OgyMogyto do all this. By using a distinct feature of remote access, it tracks all the bookmarked websites, and then sends the list to parents remotely.

5. GPS Tracking

OgyMogy provides a feature to track the location of your kids and with real-time locations. You have to install it on the devices of your kids, and then you can monitor their movements and check-ins. Doing this can make your kids aware that their parents are keeping a close eye on them and that they can let them know by sending an SOS message.

For Employers

6. Browsing Activities

Employees need to be monitored closely to see that they are spending their time doing work tasks only. To watch them, companies have usually installed services that screenshot the screen or record their searches, but they only provide limited functionalities. To have a full experience, employers can install OgyMogy as it keeps them updated about all the online activities of employees. The camera recording feature records all the movements of employees while screen recording records all the browsing activities. It can be efficient while promoting the employees or firing the employees as these recordings can show their performance.

7. Emails Tracking

Employees are aware of all the personal information of clients like their numbers and emails. They can sue them in negative ways to harm the company etc. To prevent this, employers can now use OgyMogy to see all the incoming and ongoing emails of their employees. It can help them identify any suspicious emails forwarded between employees and other outsiders.

8. Keylogger Software

OgyMogy comes with Keylogger spy software that captures all keystrokes, passwords and email contents of employees. It can track the ongoing calls, emails, texts of employees.

9. Screenshots Collection

The camera recording and speaker recording of OgyMogy is best for monitoring the employees. The screen recording feature of it captures screenshots of the devices of employees and then sends a short video to employers via remote access.

10. Keystrokes Tracking

OgyMogy, with its long list of features, also provide some unique features like keystrokes tracking. This feature is specially designed for employers to monitor the employees. It records all the keystrokes entered by employees and then sends a summary to the employers. It can be used for pointing out any suspicious activity of employees.

OgyMogy has everything set up for parents and employers to monitor the kids and employees, respectively. Its multilevel features make it the best software among others present in the market. The above features are enough proof of its capabilities, so what are you waiting for? Just install it and gets its numerous benefits. And I assure you that you will also become a fan of OgyMogy.

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