Keep These 5 Things in Mind before Buying Luxury Apartment

The world is moving at a slower speed due to the ongoing pandemic and the industry related to house buying or selling is no exception in this case. However, one cannot lose hope and if you see closely then things are also picking up the pace no matter that there are new changes as well. If you are buying luxury apartment then the best pick would be 4BHK luxury flats in Mohali that will allow your comfort along with the type of lifestyle you enjoy.

Since you have a lot of options available in the market where the demand is going quite well with luxury properties, but the best approach would be going ahead with calculative methods. This way the buying experience for you will be amazing and you won’t regret your decision taken for the apartment purchase. Your efforts and method should always focus on a good return. Since you are looking here to buy a luxury apartment with quite some significant amount of money, you should always ensure that the return justifies what you have spent.


Any average apartment stands way too different from any luxury apartment be it what meets the eyes or even the small details attached with the apartment. Average apartments don’t require that much attention to building around but with a luxury apartment, the focus is put on all the small details. It is usually built from a scratch and everything is achieved at a level of perfection and has taken a whole lot of effort as well to maintain the same for a longer duration.

You will notice that such apartments carry a different aura around them be it with their upscale amenities, reputation in the market, reliability with living comfort, or the security of the residence. The key perks of such luxury apartments are endless and with time they also ensure that they are bringing the right changes.

Finalizing on such luxury apartments isn’t an easy process and while you are out looking for such space to move in with your family, there are small things that you need to ensure on your end so that you are also qualified to live there. Let’s take a look and what needed to be done:

Things to Remember before Buying Luxury Apartment

1. Focus On Your Credit History

You might have fallen in love with those excellent medallion floor plans that will go as per your living style and comfort but there is a catch. Your dealer would be interested in taking a look at your credit score as well as credit history once you have passed the age of 18 years and applied to be a resident of such a luxurious place. With a look at your credit report, they will collect a lot of information and know in detail about the current debts (if there are any). Along with this, they will know about your credit card companies, loans, utility companies, and mortgages.

2. Your Income Source

Luxury apartments don’t come easily and when you are buying one, make sure you have a genuine income source. Apart from that, if you are looking to rent the place, then to check your eligibility, you have to ensure that the combined household income stands 3 to 4 times the rent you will be paying monthly. This means if you are going to pay a lakh per month for your apartment rent, then the gross income combined of all the members should be around 3.5L or above.

3. Create A Good Rental History

When you apply to get a slot for the luxury apartment, there is a rental history associated with it which is very important. The history of each applicant will be checked and if any of them have a bad history such as lease violations, later payments, evictions, or damages then this might impact your approval. So keep this in mind before buying a luxury apartment.

4. Criminal History

Amongst all the checks that’s been run on you after applying, there is one done for checking your criminal background as well. And this is one thing that you should not involve yourself in since this field will not be tolerated in any case. Make sure you have no criminal history be it of any criminal convictions in the last 5 to 7 years, especially if it is anything related to a property.

5. Finances

A complete check will be run for the last one year record and everything related to the finance will be checked to see if there is any listing for foreclosure, eviction, bankruptcy. If you record any such listing then in that case you have to face instant disqualification or might have to postpone your dream of a luxury apartment. Along with this focus on maintaining a period of sustainability as well for 6 to 8 months with your finance as it will add up into a positive record for your report.

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