12 Budget-Friendly Gifts Which Will Be Light On Your Pocket This Diwali

Diwali is the celebration of lights! – One of the festivals celebrated with extraordinary greatness in all parts of India! It is a celebration when everybody spends their time sharing the delight and Diwali gift packs with their friends and family. To add enjoyment to the festivals, Diwali greeting cards and Diwali presents are exchanged with their close ones and darlings with adoration. So if you are searching for presents for your friends and family, we can assist you in buying the best Diwali gifts. If you are worried about your financial condition, read out this article further to know about some budget gift ideas to get some wonderful Diwali presents things:


Desserts and chocolates-

What better endowments to commemorate the celebration of Diwali than desserts and chocolates? Any celebration in India is deficient without desserts! Furthermore, chocolates and desserts have affordable prices and will doubtlessly fulfill your friends and family. Look over a boundless number of Diwali present accessible online like Diwali gift hampers, Diwali desserts, or some different chocolate hampers. Search for the best arrangements accessible online before providing.

Diyas –

You can get pretty diyas to present to your friends and family at basically no expense by any means. Diyas being budget-friendly, are incredible endowments which suit the celebration of lights. Look over soil made diyas, earthen diyas, designer and metal one, and also which float on the water. There is an entire range of imaginative diyas which will illuminate your friends and family homes this Diwali!

Feng shui-

Give your friends and family something that will keep their joy untainted everlastingly by gifting propitious Diwali present items like feng shui items, bamboo shoots in a glass, somethings to avoid evil from your homes, and so forth. These presents are the best for your friends and family if you are a devotee of feng shui. So, to present these to them by looking for these things from any trusted and affordable web-based gifting service and checking for Diwali deals or discounts before you put their order.

Scented Candles-

Put resources into a pleasantly scented candle! These are additionally incredible if you are on a tight budget. You can provide it to your friends and family to add a lovely aroma to their homes! Purchase Diwali candles infused with an assortment of calming and fundamental oils, for example, mint, lavender, wintergreen, and so forth to uplift the environment of their homes this Diwali! You can also purchase lamp candles for them – they have a low cost but look wonderful, and are also incredible present!

Idols of Gods and Goddess-

Celebrations are never complete without favors from the Gods and Goddesses, so put your attention into delightful and budget-friendly symbols of Goddess Laxmi or Ganesha and Krishna icons! According to your financial condition, you can provide your friends and family icons made of wood, metal, soil, and so on.


Scents will assist your dear one in remembering your presence at whatever point they utilize it. Aromas can make an appropriate gift for your dear ones. Also, these are accessible at different price prices from low to high, fitting any type of budget.

Food present-

Food present is something you can consider to win the heart of your dear ones on Diwali. Pick their preferred food items and provide them with online diwali gift express delivery. These Diwali gift ideas will most likely be an extraordinary present for any person.


Candleholders with creative design is a pleasing gift and appropriate for home decoration. They are economical too, so they make an excellent Diwali gift.

Diyas holder-

Diyas make an appreciable piece of Diwali, which you can’t ignore. Pleasantly decorated diyas on diya stand makes an excellent gift. They can be designed with the latest shadings and make a decent to include in your home.

Diwali Stickers-

Diwali themed door sticker of Ganesh to embellish the mood with divine magnificence for the warm wishes and to enhance the look of the entrance gateway. These make a great Diwali present below Rs.500.

Incense Stick box and holder-

For a good happy smell to cover the room insides, an extravagant box of incense sticks in various tones is hard to neglect. The incense stick makes an appropriate gift for the person who is a keen devotee of worshipping.

Combo hampers-

The savvy thought is to make a hamper with clubbing different things together. A couple of dry organic fruits packs with a Ganesh icon are one of the great combos for healthy wishing. Another option is to join decorative diyas with Ganesh idols. These hampers will help you to solve your problem of buying something affordable.

So utilize these ideas to keep your budget for Diwali Shopping under control! Purchase endowments using our proposals of budget-friendly Diwali gift and watch your friends and family get astonished! Wish you an incredible budget-friendly shopping experience!

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