5 Best Ways to Utilize your E Pass Status in Singapore

Working in Singapore requires a foreigner to have an employment visa. This is issued by the Ministry of Manpower to carefully assess the foreign workers that will be given permission to work in Singapore. Since the requirements to get a work visa are stringent, Singapore included several benefits for each employment visa so foreigners will find getting these passes beneficial. One of the work visa passes that has a lot of benefits is the E Pass Singapore visa.

Although the E Pass Singapore eligibility criteria are a bit strict, many still want to be a holder of this. This has a lot to do with the many perks that follow an E Pass Singapore holder. If you are thinking of applying for the E Pass, it is a must that you know these perks you are entitled to. In this article, we will cover the 5 best ways to utilize your E Pass status in Singapore.


#1 – Avail medical insurances

Medical insurance is a must if you are going to work especially if it is in a foreign country like Singapore. However, unlike the S Pass, the employer is not required to provide medical insurance for the E Pass Singapore worker. However, an E Pass holder can provide for their own medical insurance. Their employment visa allows them to buy this insurance since the work visa card is one of the requirements. Thus, if you are an E Pass holder and your employer will not provide you with health benefits, you should get one for yourself.

#2 – Open bank accounts

Another E Pass Singapore benefit that you should use is the advantage to open a bank account. Not all work visa holders are allowed to set up a Singapore bank account of their choice. That is why an E Pass holder should get one. One of the reasons is because the salary of an E Pass worker is relatively high. You should definitely save part of that cash for future use. Thus, with a bank account, you will be able to save your hard-earned money. All you have to do is present your employment visa along with your other bank requirements.

#3 – Access properties in Singapore

An E Pass Singapore holder has wide access to properties in Singapore. They are allowed to rent any property of their choice. They can rent landed properties and even public housing like for example, HDB flats. Although there are rules and regulations on renting public houses, an E Pass holder can save a lot by renting an HDB for 18 months at most.

Furthermore, an E Pass employment visa holder is eligible to buy home properties in Singapore. However, that benefit is only limited to two-types of housing. These are condominium units and apartment units. Still, the other work visa holders are not given the same entitlement so the E Pass holder should definitely grab it.

#4 – Apply for Dependent’s Pass

Another way an E Pass Singapore holder can use his employment visa is by applying for a Dependent’s Pass. A Dependent’s Pass is given to the immediate family of a work visa holder for them to live in Singapore. The married husband or wife of the E Pass holder and their children under 21 years of age can get a Dependent’s Pass.

However, there is an eligibility qualification that the E Pass Singapore worker must meet. The salary must be at least SG$6,000 to get approved for the Dependent’s Pass. However, since the salary limit for this employment visa is already SG$4,500. It won’t take too long for you to be eligible for the Dependent’s Pass.

#5 – Apply for Singapore permanent residency

The best way you can probably use your E Pass work visa status is to apply for Singapore permanent residency. An E Pass Singapore holder can apply for the PR status if he or she has stayed in Singapore for more than 12 months. In addition, the PR applicant must have both tangible economic and social contributions to the Singapore community to be considered. Furthermore, a PR status has far greater benefits than an employment visa status. Thus, if you wish to stay in Singapore permanently, you should apply for permanent resident status as an E Pass holder.

The E Pass Singapore visa has a lot of privileges that no foreigner would want to pass, especially if they are eligible for this employment visa. However, it is important to note that only the employer and an employment agent can apply for the E Pass on behalf of the candidate. That is why you must secure a job in Singapore first before applying.

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